Coal Works For Me

Coal works for Montana.

Not only do Montana’s vast reserves of coal provide hundreds of high-paying jobs for workers and their families in Colstrip, but communities all across the state benefit from this rich resource.

Funded in large part by the coal industry, Montana’s Treasure State Endowment provides grants for civic infrastructure projects from Troy to Ekalaka, from Antelope to Lima, and all points in between. These can include new water and waste-treatment systems for towns and cities, agricultural irrigation projects, recycling programs, biomass power generation, weed control, and many more projects that provide jobs and improve lives.

Taxes from coal production also currently provide 10% of the funding for Montana State Parks according to a May 4, 2016 report to the Environmental Quality Council.  Funds are even allocated from the coal tax to protect works of art in the State Capitol and for other cultural and aesthetic projects.  The Big Sky Economic Development Fund that gives grants and loans to local and tribal governments for job creation benefits, and certified regional development corporations along with economic development organizations, all receive funding from the coal tax.

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